How to choose a web agency?


This question often comes back to business managers, and unfortunately, the answer is not as easy as it seems. As when buying a new car, prices can vary from a model to another according to quality, options and performance. Some agencies offer prices as low as RM 2,000 for designing a website, while some corporate websites like SAQ’s, for example, cost millions of ringgit. Take into consideration that your website is an investment with which you will have to live for the years to come.

What are the steps in the creation of a website?

  1. Analysis
    This first step involves reflexion, and is where you will find price differences in order to precisely determine the cost, set up your website’s objectives and define the market in which it evolves. A website is above all an investment aimed at making a profit.
  2. Technological choices
    Thereafter, you must decide which platform will be used to create the website, as well as the technologies to be used. For example, it is important to determine if your site will be responsive, which browsers it supports, hosting, security, etc.
  3. Communication Line
    The communication line is the main lead that directs and sets the pace for the website, its visual aspect and its contents. The communication line recalls your positioning as well as your commitment towards your customers.
  4. Planning
    You have to think about your website’s contents (photos, videos, illustrations), plan them or create them. Depending on their quality, the required time can be multiplied.   At this step, a few weeks have gone by and your website’s production has not started yet.

Behind each website, there are hours and hours of work!  

Whether developing mockups, deciding on the colors and fonts or planning a smooth browsing, creating a website requires the input of many specialists. They need to write, translate and correct proper content. Finally, integration and programming can easily take a few weeks as well.

One piece of advice:  ask your agency if the following experts are on their team:

  • UX/UI Designer
  • Designer specialized in Web
  • SEO/SEM Specialist
  • Accessibility specialist (WAI)
  • Google Analytics Specialist

About productions “starting at RM 1,000”

You can’t create a good website only by hastily integrating images and content. If you choose to go for a minimal budget website, it will contain images and online content, and not much else.  This type of development holds little consideration for your website’s performance. And above all, beware of sub-contracting, especially in countries like India. Programming quality is often poor.  Paying less up front often means paying more in the long run…

How to recognize a fair price?  

If you are aware that a website is an investment, do not hesitate to compare prices between more than one agency and make sure that they have the right expertise and necessary motivation to carry out your project. Here is how to spot an expert in Web marketing:

  • He will ask you questions, lots of questions! – Before talking about the project, your expert will need to know about your needs, your goals, your products, your competitors, etc.
  • He offers optimal solutions prior for your budget – Even if your budget is an important aspect, we must first evaluate the website according to your needs, and only then, adjust to your budget. You may have great aspirations, but you must address your needs first.
  • He presents a precise and detailed estimation – Your web marketing expert will provide you with a detailed estimation, a schedule, a commitment, recommended options that you need to approve first, a presentation of the team members that will work on your project, terms of payment, etc. You probably invest between RM5,000 and RM10,000 or even more on this project, so it is only normal that you have all the details of your investment on hand from the start.

A website worth RM30,000 or more is not necessarily a rip-off. It is important that you compare apple to apple to better understand what the cost of each quote represents. Remember that the web marketing expert must be able to guide you, whatever your budget.  His recommendations and explanations will inspire your choice. However, keep in mind that a  higher estimation may sometimes hold THE solution your business needs.

Source: marketingmedia

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